Reality TV spares no one……….. except Asians.

There needs to be a reality show that has a terrible asian family for us to look down on and criticize. 

Everything can’t be Honey Boo Boo and NeNe.

The Colony……….. meh

So I watched the entire first season of The Colony on Netflix after getting a recommendation. It’s a reality show where people are put into a post-apocalyptic experiment to see how they would react and live. Think Zombie Apocalypse without the actual zombies. 

Some aspects of the show are entertaining but overall I just didn’t like it. It’s very contrived and lacks any authentic danger. in the back of your head you always knew that the producers of the show would never allow anyone to get hurt. You knew when rogue groups tried to take over their camp they weren’t going to throw real punches. You knew the guys who had guns would never actually fire them at anybody. You knew nobody was going to go hungry and die. No women would be sexually assaulted.

Basically all the things that happen in a real breakdown of society would never happen on this show……… so what’s the point?

The worst part of the show was in the season finale. A rogue group of bikers came in to “take over” their warehouse, and the cast members on the show banded together to fight them off. It was so fucking corny and fake, I laughed at the ridiculousness of it all. 

It reminded me of home alone…… "lets lure these outlaw bikers into this cage so we can make them slip and fall on the greasy floor!!! It’s not like they’re going to shoot the guns they have at us!"

I rolled my eyes harder than a sassy gay teenager getting reprimanded in the principals office. 

Fuck this show. 

I might watch Season 2 just so I can hate on it.