Cleveland possiby trading Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love puts pressure on the team to win now.

As the roster currently stands, nobody really thinks Cleveland has a shot at beating anyone in the west. There’s no pressure because people understand that the young guys need to come along. It’s basically a free year to grow and learn with reasonable expectations.

Trading for Love wipes all of that out. Its championship or bust for a team with an overhauled roster and a rookie coach. 

That’s not the wave. 

A lot of sports fans on twitter are clowning Miami for signing Granger, but I like Danny a lot as a player. 

He lost his job on the Pacers because he got injured, and in that timeframe of being injured Paul George emerged as a star and took his spot. When Granger got healthy there just wasn’t room for him anymore chemistry wise.

Then he went to the Clippers mid-season and never really fit in. 

Dude can play. I think he can flourish on the heat. He’s definitely an upgrade from Chalmers/Beasley etc

Dwyane Wade Has Been Lazy And Indifferent On Defense

It’s relatively easy to look at the stat sheet and discern that Dwyane Wade had an off night offensively in Miami’s Game 4 loss against the Spurs Thursday – just 10 points on 3-of-13 shooting – but he he was even worse on defense. This video does a tremendous job breaking down just how bad Wade was in the first three games.. It encapsulates the entire Finals thus far and shows Wade jogging back down the floor on several occasions, triple-teaming the ball while his man rolls free, and being too late to adjust.


Game Of Zones Episode 2

lol @ the phil jackson part

keep it handy

keep it handy

Day 1: Multiple NBA teams reportedly interested in hiring proven Hall of fame coach Larry Brown. 

Day 2: Lakers interview Larry Brown, reportedly close to signing deal. 

Day 3: ESPN reports that Phil Jackson interested in hiring grocery bag of manure as new Knicks head coach. 

Day 4: Lakers now interested in grocery bag of feces. 

Day 5: Phil Jackson confirms he’s in fact very interested in sack of shit as new Knicks coach.

Day 6: Several teams scrambling, offering contracts to container of diarrhea without even interviewing.

Day 7: Golden State Warriors offer 5 year 50 million dollar contract and part ownership to bag of manure.

Day 8: Atlanta Hawks burn Lenny Wilkins effigy at midcourt in hopes of convincing the Gods to sway bag of manure to sign with them.

Day 9: Bag of manure decides to accept offer from Los Angeles Lakers. 

**Start from beginning, repeat day 1**

I’d love to play meaningful minutes. It’s just that my body is at a point where it takes a process for me to get physically ready to play and a process for me to recover. It’s just not worth going through all of that to play a minute or two in a blowout. Greg Oden, Teaching Greg Oden How To Be A Benchwarmer

Anonymous said: I'm somewhat disappointed that the Clippers players only took a marginal stance on the situation even after more of the conversation came out.

I think that was moreso because of Doc Rivers. 

Doc is a highly respected coach and leader, and I think the Clipper team trusts his judgement and direction. The younger guys may be more radical and gung ho about boycotting but Doc Rivers is more conservative. Doc didn’t even like the fact that they turned their jerseys inside out. 

One of the huge dynamics of sports is how the athletes fall in line and follow the coaches wishes. They’ve been going to battle under his orders all year, and in this time of disorder and confusion I think they’ve deferred to Doc Rivers out of comfort and routine. 

thefatgawd said: I never figured they would FORCE him to sell, but they can damn sure ban his ass from the stadium and fine the hell outta him.

The fine (1 million) and ban (only keeps him from physically being in the building but he’ll still have contact with the front office on the low) mean practically nothing. 

Everyone knows he needs to sell, but everyone also knows the NBA can’t force him to sell without:

a.) a lengthy legal battle 
b) setting a dangerous precedent for other owners

What really NEEDS to happen is for the public to force Sterling’s hand. The fans need to boycott, the sponsors need to stay away. When that revenue dries up Sterling will be pressured into getting rid of the team. 

The problem is that as a society we love the fuck out of sports. Getting fans to stay away from the arena and not support the Clippers is a tall order. 

Americans just aren’t conditioned for that kind of pleasure denial for the greater good. Americans aren’t used to inconveniencing themselves to make a social or political statement. Americans will only support a cause in the form of a Facebook like or a retweet. Americans aren’t willing to hardcore boycott the shit out of an organization for 6 months straight until they get what they want.

That’s what really needs to happen, and I don’t see it happening.

Therefore the NBA will have to possibly overstep their bounds and force Sterling into something.

FYI, Mark Cuban (owner of the Dallas Mavericks) is in a debate with a dude from Black Twitter talking about the Donald Sterling case.

Cuban (as an owner) is very skittish about setting a precedent of being able to take someone’s team away based on something they say, (or by digging into their past). (click “all” so you can see his replies)

Its an interesting read