mezzaphysx-deactivated20130802 said: The only thing that offends me about 'honkey', is the fact that white people definitely deserve a much more offensive sounding slur than that. Who the fuck gets offended by the word honkey, honestly?

Any word frequently used by George Jefferson cannot possibly be wrong

Clearly we are looking at different things during the game
You know who else has fat asses? Basketball players… Just sayin, I dont care either way

mezzaphysx replied to your post: Not really, no.

Why not?

Physical discs can be lost, broken, or stolen. When you download a game from Sony its going to be on your account forever. Each account can activate up to 3 different consoles simultaneously, so wanting to play the game on a different machine isn’t a problem. 

Not to mention the obvious perk of not having to physically store dozens of physical game boxes/discs. I have tons of old discs and cartridges from past generations and its a pain in the ass to keep them knowing I probably won’t use them again. But I cant find the heart to throw them away or sell them.

Not really, no.

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Always better to have the physical copy anyway.