greenwave said: Gabby's nudes are up on twitter

I’m glad some Black people are finally involved in this. 

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I would lose my shit if that happened

I have news that you may find pleasing

greenwave said: So now that the World Cup is over I'm gearing up for the NFL season. NFL is finally allowing streaming on ps4 and xbox one but its too damn much so what do you suggest? I know last year you talked about NFL Gamepass or something

I used AdFreeTime last season but that’s no longer an option. I’ll probably find something similar for next season but i dont know what im going to use yet

greenwave said: Did you cash in on Target's "trade in a game and get triple the value?"

I don’t trade or sell any of my games. 

I still have every PS3 game I ever bought

greenwave said: Yo have you downloaded Outlast on ps4 from PS+ yet? I played about 10 minutes in and Noped the fuck out afterwards

I downloaded it but I never bothered playing it. 

What’s wrong with it?

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I haven’t had any problems with my Chromecast so far but ill keep this in mind

Im pretty certain this is limited to Windows machines. if you have a Mac you prolly good

Of course, thats why I got it

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i assume you will use chromecast to cast AFT to your TV?

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get pissed early lol there’s one I read about from IGN

I can’t control motorcycles for shit

So what will you do if the ps4 requires the Eye? Thats my point…for all we know Sony could say the eye is required. Will you play PC only then?

If PS4 requires webcam/microphone to function like Xbox one I won’t use it. 

My issue with you is your entire argument reeks of petty console war bullshit. Like instead of being weary of what Microsoft is doing your entire reaction has been “but what if sony does it too!!!!”

You behave as if the sins of this act are secondary to the fact that Sony may or may not do it also. 

It’s really ass backwards. 

I’m not beholden to Sony. I’ll buy a gaming PC so god damned fast and not look back if it comes to that. 

greenwave said: Be honest. How happy were you that Tim Duncan couldn't win game 2 for the Spurs?

I won’t be happy until his life is in ruins

I dont like FPS. I only played bioshock 2 for about an hour.

greenwave replied to your post: Ive been dying for them to release another one for PS3 

im actually shocked you have Bioshock 2. No Infinite?

greenwave replied to your post: If everything you say is true, why even bother to have sex? Youre resigning yourselves to the fact that you wont cum. So why bother?

lol this conversation makes me laugh

Book: All The Reasons Why I Can’t Use A Man To Get Myself Off
Author: Women Of Tumblr

No, im going to finish the game and then make sure I only buy ps3 games from that point forward. Which is what I did.

greenwave replied to your post: I had a 360 too, and I sold it for being a loud piece of trash

when you’re invested in a game are you REALLY going to stop playing and be like “OMG that’s so loud”
I had a 360 too, and I sold it for being a loud piece of trash

imagegreenwave replied to your post: I put in Assassins creed 3 for the first time, and…

you have a ps3….long loading screens should be second nature to you
Yeah I thought Leo & Sam did better than Waltz

greenwave replied to your post: It’s so fucking laughable that Zero Dark Thirty…

Shoutout to Leo or Sam not getting nominated for Best Supporting Actor…I hate the Oscars