thefatgawd said: Kaepernick is looking especially shook.He needs to get settled and quick.

I think the whole team is shook and indecisive. 

It’s like a boxer who got knocked down and doesn’t have his legs back yet, that’s how they’re playing. 

They’re starting to settle in a little bit though, the defense at least. 

thefatgawd said: I don't even like talking about that shit bruh. When ESPN showed the replays when we played the Giants this year, I got physically ill. Shit STILL fucks with me. Yea, I just started following you like last Monday.

Its kinda fucked up to say but when Kyle Williams tore his ACL earlier this year, I felt nothing. 

I held that grudge all the way until he got hurt. 

thefatgawd said: I did not know you were a Niners fan bruh.

You probably havent been following me that long then, my Sunday afternoons on Tumblr have consisted of football shit talking for a while now. 

Going back to last year when The Giants eliminated us. 

I was so mad I turned off my ask box on both blogs and logged off.