Tobias slowly dying and turning into a ghoul because of his hair plugs is one of the greatest mini tv show arcs in history.

Florida is the Gob of America

My favorite arrested development moments (slight spoilers, nothing big)

Having watched all 4 seasons in the last week and a half, my favorite things from the entire series:

  • The first “I’m a monster” reference - I laughed so hard I didn’t see anything else for the rest of the episode. I have no idea what happened after that. I was fucking done for the next 15 minutes. 
  • Lucille’s casual racism and homophobia - Between checking the house keeper’s bag every time she left the house and her blood feud with the gays… Lucille was one of my favorite people.
  • Tobias slowly turning into a ghoul because of hair plugs - The absurdity of the fact that this guy was slowly dying over the course of 4 episodes slayed me. It reminded me of Vampire in Brooklyn.
  • Tobias’ sexual predator episode - Probably the best episode in all four seasons IMO.
  • Annyong’s entire existence - And the fact that this nigga was LIVING INSIDE THE WALL for like an entire season.
  • Gob’s Final Countdown music - Any time Gob was on stage doing his magic thing I couldn’t stop laughing. The music only made it better.
  • Bob Loblaw’s tongue twisters
  • Buster’s facial expressions - Severely underrated

George Sr is my least favorite character and I’m saddened to find another episode is devoted to him. 

This Tobias / To Catch A Predator scene is brilliant. 

DUDE … I just got to the “I’m a monster” episode of Arrested Development

I just rolled around laughing so hard I started sweating on my forehead

I’m so fucking done with this show

fucking Buster.

Just finished season 1 of Arrested Development

Annyong’s entire existence cracks me the fuck up. 

I love how racist this show is, the casual racism opens up my breathing passageways and fills them with fresh Yosemite oxygen that is free from pollutants and impurities. I breathe it in and feel invigorated and energetic.