Netflix thought it was worth emailing me to let me know that a straight to video movie from 15 years ago is now available to stream.
…. uh… thanks… i guess…. 

Netflix thought it was worth emailing me to let me know that a straight to video movie from 15 years ago is now available to stream.

…. uh… thanks… i guess…. 

I heard that on the Mexican Netflix they have the fresh prince of bel air so I went and checked

They only have 3 seasons, but still….

bryantsupreme said: Yo, you think netflix or hulu will ever offer shows like The Wire or Oz on their services?

No because HBO and Netflix are fierce competitors now. They’re seriously like arch rivals and it would be nothing short of a miracle for you to ever see anything HBO related on Netflix.

HBO has the HBO GO service and although its currently only available to people who have cable/satellite, they’re working to spin it off into its own service for people who don’t have cable. 

I can’t give you an exact date, but I would bet within the next 2 years you’ll be able to subscribe to HBO without having cable. 

How to switch your Netflix regions to unlock more shit to watch

In my previous post I mentioned switching your Netflix country to watch more stuff and I got a few messages from people asking me what I meant and how it works. 

Basically, they have like 5-7 different versions of Netflix and they mostly have the same thing, but some of them do have different shows. And in some cases they get things before Americans do. 

So you can use some nifty services on the internet to fool netflix into thinking you’re logging in front a different country. Peep game. 

This is my regular Netflix:


Only 8 episodes because da white man is a devil. 

But if you use a chrome extension called Hola Unblocker


You can fool netflix. Just install the chrome plugin and choose another country from the drop down menu. 


I personally chose the Great Britain option. 

Then when you log back into Netflix, the website will automatically notice that you aren’t in America anymore and it will launch a popup suspiciously asking how you are poor and Black but managed to travel to England


"What are you doing over here Nigger? Chicken and giblets are over there"

But nevermind that, you can just browse Netflix like normal now. It will have some extra shows that it didn’t have before. You also see a different language in the search box sometimes. 


"Film OG TV" means I am a movie King, real recognize real

"IKKE TILGAENGELIG" means I got a big ass dick for a fat dude because I’m black. 

But I digress…. 

Let’s look at our new Breaking Bad page. 


All the episodes are magically there.

we have triumphed over the evil white man and his nefarious ways. 

WARNING: Because this is a free service, the streaming may be slow and buffer a lot

Edit #2: Use this website called Moreflicks to search different regions

I’m fascinated with Netflix as a company. Everything from their employee policies, their content acquisition strategies, algorithms, even their stock price. I don’t even follow the stock market but I’ve been following netflix’s stock for two years now. 

They have positions that I’m qualified for but they’re not open. I’d totally relocate to a different city to work for them. 

Testing has shown that the predicted ratings aren’t actually super-useful, while what you’re actually playing is. We’re going from focusing exclusively on ratings and rating predictions to depending on a more complex ecosystem of algorithms.

The Science Behind the Netflix Algorithms That Decide What You’ll Watch Next | Underwire | (via thisistheverge)

This interview is hella interesting, it’s not too long and worth a look. 

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So I watched 2 episodes of Hemlock Grove…………… I don’t think this show is for me. 

I’m not all that into it. 

It feels like a B-movie. 

B-movies are fine for 90 minutes, but a full season of this is 13 hours, I think I’ll pass. 

I’m about to be about that Hemlock Grove life. It better not be as unfullfilling as “The Killing” on AMC


Oh Netflix, 
You always know how to make my ocular vagina wet

Oh Netflix, 

You always know how to make my ocular vagina wet

I’ve been reading about Netflix tonight, they’re testing out user profiles right now and they’re going to launch them sometime in 2013. I’ve been waiting on them to bring this feature back. 

Unrelated to that, The Atlantic has a really good article on their business right now.

If you find yourself unhappy and constantly asking “Why isn’t _______ on Netflix?”, this should answer that for you. 

They’re paying billions in streaming rights to content owners.