Not only that…. he was arrested for domestic violence today. 


Not only that…. he was arrested for domestic violence today. 

Adrian Peterson is going to have to be nailed to the cross. 

America demands its pound of flesh, and too much money is on the line to ignore

Salute a real nigga when you see one

TMZ bout to get somebody fired

TMZ bout to get somebody fired

Things that are bubbling under the surface and could become stories down the road. 

Anonymous said: Is it just completely out of the question that whoever got the ray rice tape just didn't show Roger Goodell?

No its not out of the question, and that wouldn’t have been a big deal IF they said that from the start. 

Instead, the NFL first said they thoroughly investigated the case and that they suspended Ray Rice without anyone from NFL security seeing the tape.. not just Roger Goodell.. Everyone at NFL Security. 

Then when the tape leaked they said they asked law enforcement for the tape and were denied. Law enforcement says that this was incorrect, and they even provided receipts proving that the NFL received it. 

All of this is circumstantial evidence that the NFL saw the tape, then purposely covered it up and denied ever having it to save face.

The fact that they’re lying about it only makes it worse

Mark Schlereth getting choked up talking about the Ray Rice situation. I’m posting this because I thought he did a good job of expressing two stances that often seem to be held by polar opposites. You can be 100% against domestic violence and be 100% supportive of the decision for Ray Rice to be indefinitely suspended from the NFL, but also be caring enough to want him to get help and genuinely want him to learn from this and be a better person than he was before. 

Those two stances aren’t mutually exclusive and you can feel both of them at the same time. There’s not a lot of people really doing that. 

The Keith Olerbmann video from earlier where he calls for the resignation of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and the district attorney for incompetence (or covering up) Ray Rice’s transgressions. 

Anonymous said: holy shit keith dropped a nuke on the NFL, check the deadspin post, watch the video. Shots fired. Reloading, run for cover.


Everyone should go watch this video. I would post it but I dont know if its on YouTube and its too long to upload directly to Tumblr.