Anonymous said: So I got this friend that got married this past January, and last week she basically hits me up to fuck sometime soon. Am I in the wrong for this? She's been with the dude for the past 8 years, and she's cheated on him before.

It sounds like she’s going to cheat no matter what if she did it in the past and she’s planning to do it again. 

Her deciding to cheat aint got shit to do with you. You’re just available dick. 

Anonymous said: What did you think of The Expendables 3? I personally thought it was trash my nigga. Do not recommend.

Boring, I had to struggle to finish it

Anonymous said: aw man the fuck jesse jackson scene is hilarious

It was cool, but it wouldn’t have even made the tourney if it were up to me.

Anonymous said: what do you think abt ear gauging?

I don’t have an opinion on it. 

Anonymous said: Who were your top/fav In Living Color characters?

1. Benita Butrell
2. Cheap Pete
3. Lil Magic and her mama
4. Homie The Clown

Anonymous said: Are you sure you're not my bf? ya'll got too much in common.

Can I let off in that pussy too?

Anonymous said: Are niggas lying when they say "ya pussy tastes sooo good" or "come on my dick so i can taste that sweet". Like im curious, can pussy really be that "tasty" tho. I mean i've tasted my own juices before. It tasted like vagina. Whats the big deal?

The best way to put it is.

You’ve been eating only one type of hamburger at McDonalds your whole life. The men you’ve slept with however, have been sampling the burgers at numerous establishments since they were sexually active.

Burger tastes like boring burger to you because you don’t have anything else to compare it to. 

The men have developed an advanced palate throughout their travels and can compare and contrast the finer points of each burger. 

Anonymous said: re: wipes. are the ones you buy flushable?

No, I just leave shitty wipes in my bathroom wastebasket to stink up the whole house. 

Anonymous said: Your blog changed a lot. What promoted this?

Are you asking me this because I didn’t post that Caligula poster?

If so, I’ve actually never posted any nudity on this blog. 

That’s been consistent since the beginning. 

Anonymous said: what brand wipes do you buy in bulk on amazon?

You should go to Walgreens or Target or Walmart and go to the section where they have travel-sized items and buy different kind of wipes. 

Not all baby wipes feel the same and its ultimately going to boil down to your personal preference. Some are thin, some are thick, some feel really wet and some just have a tiny bit of moisture. 

So spend 3-4 bucks testing the travel joints to see which one you like before you buy in bulk. 

Anonymous said: Y'ever have to deal with information overload? Like, opening up way too many tabs on reddit or saving books and shit?

I’ve learned to live in dysfunction

Anonymous said: Have you seen Lucy yet?

nah people been saying it was trash so i’ll probably wait for it to leak

Anonymous said: Stephen leaving espn bruh:(

He left ESPN Radio, not First Take

Anonymous said: i know you're not big on conspiracy theories...but do you think the government is trying to cover up anything recently with all these missing planes/plane crashes?


Anonymous said: I just watched the most boring porno scene of my life, but the scene is pretty popular on Tumblr (a certain profile made a gif set from the scene). The actress was light-skinned and pretty, but gave the most mundane and boring head that I have ever scene in a non amateur scene. Do you think that pretty light skinned women sometimes get away with being shitty fucks because they are light and pretty? I got the feeling that a darker or chunkier woman would not have gotten away with that basic fuck.