Anonymous said: I don't know if I can vouch for Dre as "dope until proven wack." It's hard to give him the benefit of the doubt that, after a decade of almost no musical output, he'd be able to make another Chronic/2001-caliber album. You could argue that if anyone could do it, Dre could, but looking at guys like Timbo, Just Blaze, Primo, etc. showing their age sonically, it seems more likely Dre won't be an exception.

And I dont know if I can co-sign “I haven’t heard anything from you therefor you wack”. 

When you accuse someone of being something (in this case, wack), the burden of proof is on you. Not them.

Anonymous said: What are the best ways to find someone you're attracted to other then social networks?

I personally go down to my local Curves establishment and bang on the glass windows weeping and screaming SOMEBODY PLEASE LIKE ME at the top of my lungs.

Make sure your saliva and snot bubbles coat the glass while your cheeks are pressed up against it. 

Try to establish eye contact with the startled women inside. Let them see the pain in your eyes. 

Anonymous said: how do you feel about the Dr/ Dre single "Kush"?

It was pretty decent. 

But “decent” isn’t good enough to be a single off the most highly anticipated rap album of all time. 

That’s why they released 2 singles and were like “nah…. this not hot enough”. 

Anonymous said: Do you pee in the shower/opinion on people that do

i do

Anonymous said: is directv superior to time warner cable?

I’ve never used Time Warner so I can’t speak on them.

Anonymous said: There is this guy I've been talking to for about a month and he is cool and I like him a bit and all but I can't help but think just how perfect he would be for my friend... I don't know how to tell him this... Should I be telling him this? I mean he makes all the effort in contacting me n stuff so I'm thinking he might like me but it's not like he said it or anything so yea what do you think I should do I think they would be perfect for each other once I put aside my feelings

Anonymous said: Hi Perv, whats up with Jasmine Cashmere since she became Christian? I don't find nothing in the news and I don't wanna dig to deep cause I'm currently doing nofap October... thanks for your answer of you do.

She belong to the Lord now, she gone. 

Anonymous said: As best as you can how much weight do you put on the gm, coach, and players for the success of a team ( for arguments sake let's make qb and the rest if the players two different aspects) out of 100

General Manager - 30% - Having someone who drafts the right personnel and puts quality guys in place is the cornerstone of every team. Calvin Johnson, Adrian peterson, marshawn lynch, patrick willis, and Darrelle Revis were all drafted AFTER Jamarcus Russell. That’s how important GMs are.

Head Coach - 35% - Well coached football teams will be playoff contenders 9 times out of 10. Great head coaches can turn 5-11 teams to playoff teams. And they’ll turn a 10-6 playoff team into a super bowl contender. Great coaches turn average players like Joe Flacco and Russell Wilson into heroes. 

Quarterback - 20% - The most important player on the field, but still at the mercy of the parts around him. A smart and disciplined QB can take your team to the super bowl. They don’t all have to be Peyton Manning. 

Rest Of Team - 15% - Having a talented team definitely matters. But I put most of that weight on the GM to pick the right guys for the organization and a good coach to have them to buy in to the system and do what they need to do. Its less about raw talent. 

Anonymous said: you seem so smart and it's so hot

Anonymous said: You part of the tumblr illuminati aint you?! I WANTS THE TRUE!

I’m secretly employed by corporations to get you guys to buy things while simultaneously trashing their competitors. 

I love Google and hate Apple. 




Why are you asking this all aggressively

Anonymous said: Why not the Audio Technica M50s?

Because those are studio monitor headphones that you’re supposed to use for a very specific purpose. 

The Sennheisers will give you a fuller sound. 

Anonymous said: Do you have a home pair of headphones separate from an on the go pair? if so, which for both?

I have a pair of Beats Pro headphones that I use for everything. 

I plan on replacing them with these Sennheisers by christmas

Anonymous said: You know those she keep sucking meme? Is that good or bad? I really don't get it and when i ask someone they just laugh

Anonymous said: Brady ain't putting up what he used to in fantasy points. You're better off without him from what I've seen so far from him this year IMO

Brady is my backup QB

Andy Dalton had a bye week so I only started him because I had to