Anonymous said: Can you please promote my teespring campaign? Ask doesn't allow for links.



Anonymous said: What's going on ? It's Nate Robinson #

you still mad I knocked your bitch?

Anonymous said: What do you need exactly?

You know what I need

Anonymous said: Do you know what tag I can search to find your list of gross horror movies?

i don’t recall making a list of that nature

Anonymous said: hey perv, is it me or do old black women (+60 yo) are giving black males death stares when they see them walking with non-black women?

I don’t blame them. They lived through so much. A 60 year old Black woman most likely attended a segregated elementary school and went through all kinds of daily racism and degradation (both subtle and overt) at the hands of white people. 

Maybe it hurts them to see Black men sleeping with the “enemy”. 

Of course that’s an old way of thinking to you and I, but we weren’t raised in that kind of environment. 

Anonymous said: please youtube search: The Dogs - You Mama´s On Crack Rock

You’ve never heard of that?

I remember when it first came out.  Was on the radio all the time. 

Anonymous said: Imagine that you had to go live on the moon for eternity, and you could only bring three music albums with you. No greatest hits, soundtracks, compilations. What albums are you bringing?

It’s kind of cruel to banish someone to the moon for eternity and not even allow them to bring a greatest hits album

Snoop Dogg - Doggystyle
Stevie Wonder - Songs In The Key Of Life
Outkast - Speakerboxxx / The Love Below  (trying to squeeze 2 albums in one lol)

If I were allowed to choose greatest hits, I would pick Queen. 

Anonymous said: hey perv have you seen that saul williams interview on the breakfast club? I thought you light like it.

i’ll check it out

Anonymous said: when i click the "visit this post" link, it directs me to the same post. am i missing something?

Yes. you’re missing the big ass poll thats embedded in the post. You can’t see it on mobile. 

Anonymous said: How would you handle the situation of not getting sex from your wife?

I think writing her a letter was a good move. Communication can never be a bad thing. 

A lot of people are jumping on him for feeling entitled to sex. But you have to wonder what DROVE him to the point where he felt like he needed to create a spreadsheet. How did things get so bad that he felt like he needed to start documenting her behavior on paper. 

Sex is not everything, but its a huge part of some relationships. People need physical affection. 

I’m not saying he’s 100% right or that she’s 100% wrong. But it has to be an emotional blow when your wife repeatedly blows you off for sex so she can watch reruns of friends. 

I don’t know the fine details of their relationship so I cant get into whos right and whos wrong. But I think writing a letter to express your feelings can never be a bad thing

Anonymous said: the wrong side of tumblr is gonna find that spreadsheet. but you knew that.

don’t care, I didn’t make it. 

Anonymous said: What are your opinions about the recent Deadspin article about Floyd, and also a piece written by Martin Wade, "Floyd “Money” Mayweather: Back on the Plantation Again"?

The Deadspin article was all true and it touched on something I’ve spoken on before numerous times here on this blog. Floyd Mayweather is so rich that he’s created his own reality. He doesn’t really operate by everyone else’s rules and he makes so many questionable choices that make you scratch your head.

We’ve seen other people like Prince and Michael Jackson do it. Like for the life of him, Michael Jackson just couldn’t understand why people didn’t like him sleeping in the same bed with children. He couldn’t wrap his mind around it. Children are fun and cute and precious, why wouldn’t you want to hang out with them all the time??

The average joe has to deal with life as it comes and make adjustments accordingly. But some people are so rich that they tailor their environment and everything in it to fit how they want it. They don’t understand the concept of no. If you’ve ever heard Kevin Smith talking about the time he spent with Prince, you’ll see what I’m talking about. kevin smith joked about how Prince would ask for a Giraffe at 3am on Sunday and expect it to be delivered that morning (not exactly what he said but thats the gist of it)

Floyd is a genius, a boxing savant, but (in my opinion) is underdeveloped in other areas. He has anger issues and doesn’t know how to treat women or deal with problems. 

I personally found the whole sonogram/abortion thing on instagram to be an embarrassment. 


That other article using the plantation analogy is 100000000% pure bullshit. Like the biggest hunk of steaming bullshit I’ve ever read. 

Something the article failed to mention is that although Mayweather Promotions doesn’t have the infrastructure to put on a mega ppv itself without help. It’s still raking in the lions share of the profit and only pays Golden Boy Promotion a small flat fee for its work. 

Golden Boy has went on record confirming this. For example, Floyd vs. Canelo raked in over $150 million dollars in revenue, and Golden Boy probably took home less than 15 million of that. 

If you want to call rich Black athletes “40 million dollar slaves”, Floyd Mayweather is the one example of how a slave can buy his own freedom and run his own plantation. 

Unlike other rich athletes around the world, nobody makes more money off of Floyd Mayweather than Floyd Mayweather. 

the NBA is raking in most of the profits off of LeBron, the NFL is making most of the profits off of Peyton Manning. 

There is no rich white man sitting back raking in the majority of the profits off of a Mayweather fight. The vast majority of that goes to Floyd. 

Floyd is doing something that no other popular boxer in the history of the sport has done as far as finances and control over his career are concerned. Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson didn’t have the business savvy to do what Mayweather is doing right now. You can say what you want about him as far as his personal life are concerned. But as far as business is concerned he’s in uncharted waters for fighters. 

The only thing the author of that article was right about is that Floyd has spent too much time bullshitting and not enough time creating the infrastructure at his own company to do things themselves. Thats true, but it still doesn’t mean that Oscar “owns” Floyd or anything like that. 

It’s absurd. 

Anonymous said: Money mike and Damon bathroom scene in Friday after next.

I’ve had like 5 people mention that scene.

I didn’t even think it was funny but I added it to the list. 

Anonymous said: The plastic wrap scene in booty call.


that scene totally isn’t going to make it. but i have fond memories

Anonymous said: "Sit you lil cry baby ass in the back. Lil kids have more hort than you do" by Stacy or every other scene in the wood.

lol @ hort

So L.A.