Anonymous asked: Why do you eat at KFC? kfcs in america uses gentically engineered chicken.

like i give a fuck

Anonymous asked: Hey did you ever get a demoniod invite?

no, i didnt even know they were back

Anonymous asked: Where do you place Tim Duncan on your top power forwards list?

Tim Duncan is #1 on the bitchmade fuckboy list. 

The bitchmade fuckboy list is printed on lavender tinted parchment paper and retails for $7.99 at participating bitch nigga retailers. 

Anonymous asked: Dude i had the worst game ever in Civ Rev. First i got fucked in the ass by china for Albert Einstein then the germans wouldn't hop off my dick over having Construction shit pissed me off so bad i actually rage quit

I own Civ Rev but I haven’t played that game in yeeeeeeears. 

I wish they would port Civ to PS4, it would make my year. 

Anonymous asked: You posted the least yesterday than the time you took a hiatus from the site to get your priorities together. You were missed. I realised that if you ever left I would leave as well. There is truly no other blogger like you. I wonder who makes you laugh here. Who do you like to see float across your dash? If I fan mail you will you share? Or could you share anyway? Thank you love for the daily smiles.

titytwochainz and tsunamiwavesurfing are the funniest dudes I follow. everyone should follow them too, non-stop hilarity. 

You can send me fan mail, Tumblr doesn’t allow us to publish those.

Thank you for the kind words though, I’m flattered. 

Anonymous asked: How do you (personally) wrap up an interview?

Offering to suck they dick if they give me the job

Anonymous asked: What do you think it's gonna take to get Manny and Floyd to fight?

He has to leave Top Rank Promotions or Bob Arum has to die. 

Anonymous asked: who's the best rapper of all time?

I have no desire to enter into this discussion.

I’ll leave it for you young whippersnappers. 

Anonymous asked: Bro, where do you think these upcoming free agents will end up next season? Lebron,Melo,Wade,Bosh,Stevenson,Bledsoe.

No idea. I’m not even thinking about that

I just wanna see some NBA playoffs 

Anonymous asked: If one Private company were to become the undisputed, infallible universal brand for any and every one of your worries, which company would you prefer? ex; Amazon, Google

C’hall niggas know bout them Dharma potato chips

Anonymous asked: Yo this bitch Skip Bayless is always talking shit about Mayweather, honestly he doesnt know shit about boxing or any other sport, he just says shit for shock value, what do you think about him?

I love Skip. 

He’s 100% wrong about Floyd though. 

Anonymous asked: Why do you hate so hard on shit you don't like.

Do you normally ask questions that already have the answer embedded into them?

"Mom why did you ground me for getting F’s on my report card?"

Anonymous asked: NaS is missing lyrics on purpose to stress emphasis on certain lines of dialect. It's working for me. It feels intense when you accept it for what it is.

if you wanna make excuses then go ahead

This nigga missed like 3 bars in a row at the beginning. 

Anonymous asked: I think they have those lyrics just as a precaution; I've yet to see him look directly at the teleprompters

He’s missed a whole chunk of the lyrics in the first verse of “One Mic”

so ….. nawl lol

Anonymous asked: i grow weary of girls that claim the got a phat ass and when they bend over you can see the pussy. if they had a phatty you got to lift them cheeks out the way to unveil the pussy.

I abhor when people spell fat as “phat”. 

So I guess we all have our little idiosyncracies