Anonymous said: I forgot to tell you how I watched the fight with a bunch of Salvadorians and I was the only black person in that group. They swore Maidana was going to win even though my black ass knew that Floyd never loses (even in close situations like this). Anyways at the end of the fight, they were all cussing and calling Floyd then n-word and all types of shit in Spanish, and I just got hella uncomfortable and sank into my seat. I should've bet their drunk asses that Floyd would win though :(

You should have known that was going to happen. 

Boxing is one of the most (if not the most) racialized sport there is. The racial element is eliminated in team sports because its a bunch of guys from different backgrounds coming together for a common goal. It’s all about the team and not about individuality. 

Also, in team sports people are representing a city or a state. In boxing they’re representing themselves and the only other identifier available to viewers is the race of that boxer. 

In boxing there are just two men. No uniform on, just their bare skin. 

If you’re channel flipping and you happen to come upon a boxing match with two guys you’ve never heard of… and one guy is the same race as you and the other guy isn’t. You’re going to root for the guy who is the same race as you are.

That’s some deeply rooted societal shit that I can’t even speak on intelligently because its over my head. 

But it’s true in the vast majority of cases. 

Anonymous said: I'll eat the corn outta your shit just to say we had dinner together.

And when you sit in front of me with a fresh steaming loaf on the paper plate in front of you and I see the look of regret in your eyes, I’m going to adamantly tell you to keep your word. 

Anonymous said: Is Sideways the best e-40 song?


My most played E-40 song is “Bitch ft. Too Short” followed by “Hope I Don’t Go Back”. 

Anonymous said: bruh, samuel jackson turned jackson into a nigga name

Anonymous said: Your "nutted but she still suckin" meme got retired on r/blackpeoplegifs any words for your fans

I didn’t make the original gif but I’ll gladly take all the credit. 

Anonymous said: What's your vine name?

My vine profile is empty and doesn’t have anything on it

I only use it to follow other people

Anonymous said: What is your favorite perfume on a woman?

the unmistakable aroma of vaginal lubrication

Anonymous said: Why does Molotow get the ring?

She’s the most attractive to me out of the 3.

I’ve never had any real conversations with any of them so all I have to go on is what appeals to me physically. 

Anonymous said: What makes you feel that the parents did good?

Its just not one thing, its a cumulative assessment. How she carries herself, what she values in life, how she deals with other people, what she will and won’t put up with, what kind of things stimulate her (not sexually). 

You can generally learn all these things in casual conversation if you’re paying attention. 

Anonymous said: Know where I'd be able to watch last night's fight? I browsed your streaming tag/page but don't think I noticed an option.

Y’all don’t even bother doing obvious shit like looking on YouTube

Anonymous said: How do you feel about the ref's performance? Not a single instance of inside fighting, which in my opinion, would have given the fight to Maidana or made the fight a little more interesting.

He should have warned Floyd more for initiating clinches. 

The point deduction was bullshit too.

But ultimately, it didn’t have any effect on the fight. Floyd outboxed him easy

Anonymous said: My nigga did you peep the Box Nation post fight in studio wrap up for the Bay-Vasquez bout? Those Brits do not mince words on how much they hate Floyd Mayweather.

Not surprising. Like 80% of the people who watch Mayweather fights are rooting for his opponent. 

Anonymous said: Have you ever been constipated and had poop so hard that you had to manually assist your asshole in pushing it out?

Anonymous said: Hey you know the post were someone asked for advice about being liked by the wrong people and you said humble yourself? I'll just like to say don't you think it's wrong for someone to be with some they don't like or "liking" someone just because they are interested in you? Why settle for someone you don't like just so as not to hurt their feelings? The person should obviously get rid of outrageously high expectations but settling for someone they aren't interested in? That's wrong

Sounds like you took that post a lot more seriously than I did. 

Anonymous said: As hard as Floyd been training this time, and him staying under the radar as well as taking the high road in his public debacle about illiteracy you think he can pull off a KO tonight? Or his hands won't allow it?

I would never put money on Floyd KO’ing anyone because he doesn’t take risks. 

He’s content with just winning the round safely and living to fight another day.