Anonymous said: You probably saw this coming, but can you let us know what your top 30 movies of all time are?

No. But I can attempt to name as many as I can. 

These are “kind of” in order. meaning the closer they are to the top, the more I like them. But its not an official finished ordering. 

  1. The Color Purple
  2. Seven
  3. The Lion King
  4. Friday
  5. Kill Bill Vol. 1
  6. New Jack City
  7. City Of God 
  8. Menace II Society
  9. Forrest Gump
  10. Apocalypto
  11. Blood In Blood Out
  12. Malcolm X
  13. Cocaine Cowboys
  14. The Shawshank Redemption
  15. A Christmas Story
  16. Pulp Fiction
  17. The Silence Of The Lambs
  18. 300
  19. The Matrix 
  20. Pan’s Labyrinth
  21. The Green Mile
  22. Life
  23. Catch Me If You Can
  24. Training Day
  25. Jackie Brown 

Anonymous said: I was thinking the exact same thing. That's so damn corny. From what I've heard in the audio Envy and Angela Yee aren't very comfortable with all that, while Charlamagne is jubilating. I don't get it. Can't Floyd sue them because that audio was not supposed to be aired ever or something?

I don’t think so, even if he could it wouldn’t be worth it. 

He’s taken a massive L today and it’d just be best to be quiet and wait for everything to pass. Suing someone would only draw more attention to it. 

He has a fight in 3 weeks so one would hope he’s concentrating on training and not beef

Anonymous said: That's just a cruel thing to do

After what he’s done to Young Buck and Floyd. I don’t see how any celebrity decides to be 50 Cent’s friend. 

Dude has no boundaries when it comes to putting your personal life on blast.

He’s like Kat Stacks without the sexual relationship

Anonymous said: What's all this Floyd Mayweather reading thing?

50 Cent has been trying to bait Floyd Mayweather into a beef for 2 years now because Floyd cut him off and stopped talking to him. (the reason Floyd cut him off is a whole long ass topic that I won’t get into here)

Meanwhile, T.I. started beefing with Floyd because he thought Floyd was fucking Tiny. Then Floyd started beefing with Nelly because Nelly started fucking his ex. 

Then 2 days ago, Floyd does an interview and starts talking about “irrelevant rappers” trying to beef with him because he still has a career after 17 years and they don’t.

He was most likely talking about T.I and Nelly, because he’s literally ignored 50 for almost 2 years now. 

But 50 took the opportunity to pounce and started dissing Floyd because he can’t read that good (he dropped out of school in 6th grade to focus on boxing, his parents were also on drugs. Prolly not good decision making going on in the house). 

So 50 Cent says he’d give $750k to charity if Floyd read 1 page out of Harry Potter without messing up. 

Then this morning, the breakfast club released audio of Floyd trying to read 2-sentence promotional drops for the station. 

Anonymous said: In all honesty, what would you say if you heard this joke "what do you say to a woman with two black eyes. Nothing you've told her twice" I'm curious as to how you would find that funny or offensive and how you would word it because you seem to be really well at doing that

First of all that joke is old as shit and I probably wouldn’t give any reaction because i’ve heard it a zillion times. 

Trying to explain to someone how/why a joke is funny is a exercise in futility. If the joke fails to resonate with you when you first hear it, chances are you just didn’t find it funny and no amount of explaining is going to change your mind. 

Getting into the mechanics of how jokes work and why some people have different senses of humor than others is way too much writing for me at 10:45am. 

Anonymous said: have you seen the movie end of watch? (its on netflix)

yes (review in my archives)

Anonymous said: im so happy for u!!! im v glad that ur business took off! congratulations!!! i hope that it stays successful!!!

too many exclamation points to be believable 

be a little more subtle next time

Anonymous said: What do you do for a living, if you don't mind me asking? I know you've said before that you don't have a college degree, so I was wondering if you were living comfortably and, if so, how you managed to navigate the working world. How did you get the job you have, how to move up the ladder, etc. from your perspective.

Correct, I don’t have a college degree. 

I’m a very successful small business owner who runs a cleaning service. Because I didn’t have a college degree it was initially very difficult getting things started and I was having trouble getting a loan to open my first store. A city bus ended up damaging some property I had, and I used the money from that settlement to kickstart my business. 

My significant other Louise helped me out a lot. It took a whole lot of trying just to get up the hill, you know? Now we’re up in the big leagues, and I feel like its our turn to bat. Business has gone so well that we were able to move to the East side of town. 

It’s been a long winding road, but I feel like we finally have a piece of the pie. 

Anonymous said: seeing killer mike on tv and interviews so much lately made me want to listen to his shit , whats like a killer mike starter kit? but i hope he replaces al sharpton/jesse jackson as like the "black people spoke person " type role , know what i mean ?

The last time someone asked me this question I uploaded a bunch of Killer Mike’s best songs

And nah, Black America doesn’t really need a rapper speaking for them in any kind of formal capacity. 

Anonymous said: How do you think Floyd will respond to 50's ELS Challenge?

Ignore him like he’s been doing for the last 18 months. 

50 started up a boxing promotion and it hasn’t been going well, all his fighters keep losing. He’s trying to use Floyd to be relevant again. 

Anonymous said: As a Mexican, I preciate what Obama did for my people. But what I don't understand is Obama haven't done nothing for African Americans since he been in office but you people still praise & make excuses for him instead of demanding things that he can fix. Why is that? Do you realize that when the next white president gets into office. He or she may not listen to your problems because African American had a black president in office for eight years and didn't demand anything to better theblkrace

1. You’re asking the wrong person. I’ve spent the better part of the last 3 days talking shit about Obama. I personally like him but I’ve never praised any of his work in office.


"Do you realize that when the next white president gets into office. He or she may not listen to your problems "

None of them have ever listened to our problems. That will be par for the course. 

3. True change and upward mobility for Black people in America can’t happen as a result of a president. It has to be from the ground up. I can’t think of one realistic thing Obama can do from his office that would drastically change the lives of Black people. 

Anonymous said: u peeped that killer mike CNN interview?

i posted it already

Anonymous said: Would you take one guaranteed SF super bowl this year and miss the playoffs for the next ten years or 10+ win seasons for the next 10 years and the chips fall where they may?

10 win seasons for the next 10 years and the chips fall where they may. 

A franchise that perpetually wins and goes to the playoffs is much better than a team that wins one year and then falls off. 

For example, the Oakland Raiders. 

The Raiders have been to the Super Bowl more recently than like 75% of the teams in the league. But does anyone remember that? It seems like a distant memory. And in the last 10 years they’ve been a laughingstock. 

But take a team like the Patriots who haven’t won a Super Bowl in 9 years, they’re still a revered franchise. 

Anonymous said: I feel soo blessed to be living in canada, it honestly seems like you guys in the states have it a lot worse, although racism exists everywhere you guys sorta, maybe, probably have it worse. would u consider moving?


Black people aren’t wanted anywhere on Earth outside of Africa. 

If I’m going to be discriminated against anywhere it might as well be at home where I’m comfortable. 

Anonymous said: are u sane