Anonymous said: Do you have some kind of hate or issue with Caucasians?








What about addressing the privileged status that dark skinned people have in America and the racist system they control as well?

Oh you mean the privilege of being profiled and searched by law enforcement personnel? Or the privilege to receive harsher, longer jail sentences? Or maybe you’re talking about the privilege of not getting a job because of your skin color? Sign me up for that!

Actually, many Blacks get more scholarships too and jobs over whites because of the Affirmative Action. Come on now dudes. You have to recognize both ends. My mom works in a company that hires more people of color than whites because of Affirmative Action.

But the fact that you get hired or receive a scholarship just to make an establishment look good shouldn’t be seen as a privilege. I’d rather be recognized for my skills and talents rather than be seen as the black guy they needed on the roster because affirmative action said so. And one slight “upper hand,” for lack of a better term, isn’t really enough to establish an argument on the existence of black privilege, especially if we are continuously slighted in many other aspects.

You make a good point!

The awkward moment when Affirmative Action helps white women disproportionately over black people ….

but come on - his mom works for a company! 

Woop there it motherfucking is ^

  1. The Equity Gap, 1965-2013 [Infographic] - COLORLINES)
  2. Reverse racism is not a thing and doesn’t exist
  3. Entire Affirmative Action Tag Discrediting That
  4. When some white college applicants wonder if they are not getting into competitive schools, because so many of the spaces go to minorities, they are connecting their individual experience up with a conception of the larger social structure… When you look at the data, you will realize that it is absolutely impossible for most college rejections to be due to affirmative action.

    — (Giddens 5)

  5. Hard Truths: Affirmative Action  — (racismschool)
  6. Ten myths about affirmative action
  7. "Why is it people always get so upset about Affirmative Action but not about legacies? For some reason we’re ok with the historically advantaged having a leg-up over the rest of us, but not the historically disenfranchise" — (bohemianarthouse)
  8. There is no such scholarship as “if ur not white, here is ur money”. You have to qualify with either some level of good grades or at least write about yourself, explain why you deserve it etc. If your friend thinks there is a ‘ur black here’s money’ scholarship, they need to find me a link to it and i’ll apply tbh. I haven’t found one yet. Your friend is attributing a lack of merit to People of Color. They’re assuming we have no capability of earning anything and that we just get everything as undeserved handouts that are for no reason. They’re actually a direct reaction to very recent active disenfranchising discriminatory racist legislation in unfair bias and benefit towards white people

Where’s your friend’s complaint about that..? Where’s your friend’s complaint about how all the white people my dad’s age had unfair access to schools over Black people while Black people were fighting for civil rights legilsation and had to leave school to protest to have their humanity recognized?

Why isn’t your friend upset about my parents having dogs sicked on them by the police and having the Police commissioner drive through their neighborhood in a military tank to instill fear in Black people? Why isn’t your friend mad that my parents were the group of the first Black kids to go to their high schools and how much of an extreme unfair advantage that meant for the white students over my Black parents..?

How do people forget history so quickly…?


I shall break this down:

1. Most modern-day “Caucasians" aren’t even Caucasians. We’ll call them "White" or "of European-descent" for right now.

2. Hate? Absolutely not. I love the White friends I have. I love nice White people in general. They’re beautiful.

3. Issue? Hell yes. I’m not here to make anyone feel comfortable about the ISSUE of racism. I don’t like that I’m supposed to “baby” someone, specifically White people, because they can’t *handle* the course that history took and as long as a White person understands how the system works, accepts their privilege, stops fetishizing our women, stops appropriating our culture, and treats me like a decent human being, we’re all dandy.

I got love for everyone, but history shows that not everyone has love for me.

The breakdown of who gets scholarships are as follows:

White: Scholarship Recipients-798,400 Total Private Scholarship Funding-$1,891 Million
Black: Scholarship Recipients-129,000 Total Private Scholarship Funding-$345 Million
Latino: Scholarship Recipients-103,900 Total Private Scholarship Funding-$236 Million
Asian: Scholarship Recipients-52,800 Total Private Scholarship Funding-$186 Million
American Indian: Scholarship Recipients-19,000 Total Private Scholarship Funding-$56 Million
Native Hawaiian: Scholarship Recipients-6,200 Total Private Scholarship Funding-$30 Million
Multi-Racial: Scholarship Recipients-40,200 Total Private Scholarship Funding-$156 Million

So my question is, why are white people getting scholarships just for being white? Right after you answer that, please tell me why white people are getting MORE MONEY on their scholarships just for being white? Seems unfair. We have to stop this affirmative action. (Oh and just in case you’re all people who see a Tumblr post and REFUSE to see the source within that post, here is where those numbers came from: Bloop! Bloop!)

— Racismschool (From This Post)

  • It’s so bizarre how when Affirmative Action is brought up, it more often then not ALWAYS leads to this specific dichotomy between the capable white person vs. an incapable minority - and it’s always this comparison. ( reverseracism )
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