littleblackmaps said: i think eminem could take luda. unless we're only talking black rappers, then i can't really think of any. i know some good freestyle rappers but battle rappers, no. the real question is, are we talking 2013 Luda, because he's kind of fallen off.

This convo is about established rappers, not URL niggas with no album.

But yeah but in comparison to his prime Eminem has fallen off too. I think Eminem can still hang with anyone and has a good chance of beating them but I personally fuck with Luda. 

  1. yoswift said: Gotta agree here. I think Em’s a battle rapper at heart. I remember watching something behind the scene on 8 mile. Eminem battled and roasted the whole cast, no beat. He’s probably the best battle rapper that actually has commercial success.
  2. afreshbreathofsmog said: Did Niggas forget what Luda did to TI…and had that nigga furious about shit for like 5 years?
  3. borgqueenmorphine said: Luda doesn’t get nearly enough love.
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