Sports, Movies and TV Shows… Oh my

Before you use any of the links below, you should install an ad blocker on your browser. All of these sites have annoying ads, thats the trade off for stealing shit for free, deal with it. The ad blocker will eliminate the majority of the annoyances.

NOTE: Before clicking any links below, I recommend having Adblocker installed in your browser to block popups



I recommend a service called AdFreeTime. Using this service you’ll be able to  UFC Pay Per Views every month with crystal clear stream quality for $2.00 per month. I personally use this service myself and I can vouch that its legit. 

Learn more about it by clicking here

★FREE - There has never been a sporting event that I could not find here. This should be your first option. Click on “Other” if you’re looking for boxing or UFC or boxing - This is my usual backup option for UFC/Boxing Pay-Per-View events. - I sometimes use this for UFC pay per views. They’re always here. - If you ever want to stream something on regular cable (LIVE TV, not on demand) like TNT/ESPN/AMC to watch Breaking Bad or whatever, you can use this link. 

TV Shows & Movies

If you’re looking for The Walking Dead try the links in this post

If you want to watch live TV, use the link above, otherwise use one of the links below to find things that have already aired. - You can stream movies and TV shows On Demand here. - When I want to watch something on Netflix and it isn’t there. This subreddit is usually my #2 stop. All the recently released leaked movies usually wind up here shortly afterwards. Also, use the search box on the right to find older movies. 

The only drawback is that new movies don’t last long. They usually get taken down within 12hrs so you gotta watch it or save it pretty quick.

My internet civic duty is fulfilled


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