Funny how people jumping all over Ray J for “I Hit It First” but didn’t say anything when Kanye made “Blame Game”, which completely shit on Amber Rose for like 8 minutes straight and accused her of things much much worse than Ray J bragging about having sex with someone. 

Kanye also dropped the “you turned my old bitch into your new bitch” line on Deuces Remix, which everyone seemed to take in stride. 

Or how about when Jay-Z made “Is That Your Bitch”, an entire song about how he had sex with Nas’ baby mama. 

Or when Eminem dropped “The Warning”, an entire song rubbing the fact that he had sex with Mariah Carey in Nick Cannon’s face. 

Shall I continue? Or is everyone still pretending that hip hop isnt rife with this kind of behavior and Ray J committed some kind of cardinal sin and crossed a line that hasn’t been crossed a million times before?

Faux outrage amuses me

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    Further more,while excluding Kanye because he is a bitter gay fish,and it doesn’t take much for him to throw a temper...
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    brandy Norwood had to write that original post
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