mezzaphysx replied to your post: Not really, no.

Why not?

Physical discs can be lost, broken, or stolen. When you download a game from Sony its going to be on your account forever. Each account can activate up to 3 different consoles simultaneously, so wanting to play the game on a different machine isn’t a problem. 

Not to mention the obvious perk of not having to physically store dozens of physical game boxes/discs. I have tons of old discs and cartridges from past generations and its a pain in the ass to keep them knowing I probably won’t use them again. But I cant find the heart to throw them away or sell them.

  1. upgrade8k said: I like physical disc, I never scratch/break them and since I got a ps3 years ago I usually rotate them in and out not keeping one for more than a year and a half. The only game I ever downloaded it took like 4 hours and now it freezes up on the start menu
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