I have to find it in my archives, but I posted an interactive quality of life report (from a non-american company) that let you sort rankings from country to country. America was top 10. Canada & Scandanavian countries were in the top 5

blackpantha replied to your post: You can use any metric you want and the U.S will be near the top of the list every time. Also, I didnt say it wasnt possible to be happy there. Im saying that a mass exodus of Black Americans to Africa wouldnt turn out well. Look at the mass exodus of N.O. natives to went to ATL and HOU after Katrina… didnt turn out well.

I challenge you to recheck your list, whether literacy, healthcare, fitness, etc. Which criteria are best at other than braggadocio???

  1. blackpantha said: The US was ranked 12th last year. How is that the “best”???
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