You can use any metric you want and the U.S will be near the top of the list every time. Also, I didn’t say it wasn’t possible to be happy there. I’m saying that a mass exodus of Black Americans to Africa wouldn’t turn out well. Look at the mass exodus of N.O. natives to went to ATL and HOU after Katrina… didn’t turn out well.

blackpantha replied to your post: Going back to Africa would actually be a GOOD thing for us black folks

A number of Black Americans have moved to Africa and have found success there. BTW, what qualifiers are you using to determine the best countries in the world???

  1. blackpantha said: I challenge you to recheck your list, whether literacy, healthcare, fitness, etc. Which criteria are best at other than braggadocio???
  2. ocelotrevs said: The people who would move to Africa are probably the kind of people who wouldn’t call Africa, just Africa. And are probably going to bring something into Africa. They were probably sucessful in America to start with, which gave them the foundation to make a move like that.
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    You can’t compare a forced evacuation to a voluntary relocation in ANY example or instance.
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