I never knew MDMA is something you had to “come down” from. I was just reading a bunch of people saying its typical to feel depressed when you’re coming down. 

that takes away all the damned fun of taking drugs in the first place if you’re going to be depressed afterwards.

But then again I’m a nerd, maybe I don’t “get it”. 

I don’t want anything to do with something that’s going to make me sad after I consume it, that’s why I’ll never watch Precious again. 

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  3. rebexy said: I don’t get it either. Same with alcohol. I’m not anti drinking, but it’s very very rare for me to drink. And never to get drunk. Who wants to wake up feeling like shit? There’s no appeal in a hangover.
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    I never felt depressed the next day, usually just mellow and tired. Wouldn’t really have an appetite the next day...
  6. chokesngags said: perfect time for it right now actually….
  7. suckonthedickimashark said: I’m sorry, but when Mo’Nique threw that baby on the floor I started dying.
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    Its different for everybody usually I have this strong i don’t give fuck feeling mixed with ite whats next vibe My mind...
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  11. incogniri said: That’s part of my reason for never taking it.
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