the giants just took an assbeating from a team on a 3 game losing streak, don’t put too much stock in that. ATL is a fraud until they manage to win a playoff game

greenwave replied to your post: Seattle last year and Seattle this year are nowhere near the same team so that point is irrelevant. I hope y’all get them so you can see what happens lol

So you just gonna disregard our undefeated record at home or that titanic ass beating we put on the defending champs? That’s fine let them or Washington come here…
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    On the real the playoffs is all about who is playing at there best at the end of the season. You all keep disrespecting...
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    Everyone knows how suspect Atlanta is except people who live there. I saw someone on TV call Atlanta “the worst 11-2...
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    man Carolina Beat the shit outta Atlanta. they suspect.
  4. greenwave said: lol no one gives us props…ill be glad when the playoffs do come…so everybody can kiss our asses…ESPECIALLY espn..13-2 and no respect