Nobody is trying to see Seattle in the playoffs this year. If they say differently they’re either lying or fooling themselves. 

I hope they end up in Atlanta’s half of the bracket. 

  1. co984life said: I fucking hate Seattle. I’m still bitter about that game with the Packers.
  2. tomsgrandson said: seattle loses in lambeau…
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    when I saw the score I was like “Pervs gone be real mad right now”. Seattle opened all kinds of ass whooping on the...
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    No body trying to see seattle AT seattle IMO. if SF can beat Arizona we can keep them from getting a home game and...
  5. notfarnow said: Y’all can keep them bruh. I want revenge on the Packers.
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  7. overzeelous said: what’s that supposed to mean? you want us gone? >=/
  8. suckonthedickimashark said: I was just telling niggas that I’m glad that they’re in the NFC. The Ravens don’t need those niggas in their life this generation.
  9. greenwave said: We beat these fuckers last year IN SEATTLE and we are undefeated at home this year…they can come get some too just like the Giants
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    Fuck just keep them away from my Skins
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