Anonymous said: No judgement here, just a true inquisition. If possible, can you explain whats the pleasure one receives from eating a woman's ass? I'm a big girl with a big ass and guys have done it to me. I don't get my rocks off from it as much as they do, however it fascinates me how much THEY enjoy it and I don't get it. Is it the taste or more of the fact that two big mounds of juicy meat is smothering your face? Help me understand (went anon cuz i dont want my name tagged to this question) Thx!

Why does no one ask this question when it comes to eating pussy, yet when someone says they eat ass then people want to ask them what they get out of it.ย 

Pussy and ass are like 2 inches apart, the motive for licking one or the other doesn’t change.ย 

  1. suckonthedickimashark said: Shit comes out of one, though. I feel that that is important. I’ve joined #TeamEatTheAss too, but yeah, that’s the doo-doo den I’m putting my tongue on.
  2. kuntybynature said: Pshhhh I just about fell in love when I got my ass ate. That’s a powerful weapon
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