I’m not really bout this 51 degrees life that’s happening right now. I’m supposed to go kick it tonight. It will probably be in the 40s then.

  1. hitlertumbler said: the fuck bro thought you just bought like 12 jackets lol
  2. introvertednstuff said: 40 degrees in Cali should be renamed: definately might just shake off this (insert whatever function you had prepared to attend) and stay home degrees.
  3. co984life said: Really?! You’re bitching about 51 degree weather?! It’s 27 degrees and windy where I’m at. Man up and take your ass out tonight!
  4. mswitchbitch said: Oh boo hoo. Get at me when puddles start freezing.
  5. scrotumcoat said: man it is like the frozen tundra in the bay lately. anytime i can see my own breath its too fuckin cold.
  6. thatshybutrudegirl said: *rolls eyes*
  7. youandmrsjones said: You’ll live.
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    same here, been windy too. I don’t like jackets being mandatory.
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