Anonymous said: Nah I just sent you nudes the other day. I feel like you have a spankbank to last 2 lifetimes. (I'm the one with the buttplug and piercings)

Oh my god that picture was lovely

I know I forgot to reply, but it was exquisite 

queencityconfidential replied to your post: I wish I could still talk about the le…

You’re faceless so why not?

This blog isn’t as anonymous as you think it is. It started off that way but not so much anymore. 

reblog if you want to FUCK ME or if you occasionally drink water


This is hilarious

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Anonymous said: which would you get chromecast or roku

I have a chromecast

Anonymous said: whitney or mariah? music-wise (if you listen to them that is)

Whitney was 10x more talented but Mariah had a better career because she dropped the pop angle and rode the hip hop wave in the mid-90s and created a lot of great songs. 

I think Mariah will be remembered more fondly in history, but Whitney was a better singer. 

I wish I could still talk about the less savory activities I engage in on this blog

itsneimannow said: Send me some followers! Please & thanks! ☺️☺️

other than those dressing room selfies your blog kinda boring. 

blackladyblue said: You say you want new people to say what's up, but I think you just want new nudes...

I don’t even remember the last time I asked someone for nudes. If women want to share they’re going to share, I don’t concern myself with it otherwise. 

Anonymous said: I mean, u don't post half the shit we send anyways, we be tryna talk to u, but u be ignoring us NIGGUH

I’m feeling really attacked right now

I’ve gotten almost 2,000 new followers in the last 4 weeks and ain’t nobody said whats up or nothing.

Anonymous said: Lol sorry I'm kinda confused myself.. I'm what's the best video streaming service? I'm trying to rid cable service completely

Netflix is the best. 

But if you want a big selection of movies of ~questionable legality~ I suggest getting the Popcorn Time and Shobox Android apps. 

Also check out to stream movies and TV shows that have already aired.

Check out if you want to stream live television. 

and go buy a Chromecast for $35

Stay away from Hulu Plus. 

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I almost choked on my spit reading this

Anonymous said: What would you say is the best live streaming source kindle fire, hulu or roku? Or do you have a better stream that works well and have a nice tv selection?

I don’t understanding the question you’re asking. 

Kindle Fire is a tablet

Hulu is a video streaming service

Roku is a set top box 

When there’s nobody around I listen to songs like “What About Your Friends” by TLC on full blast

People be using my text posts from this blog on twitter 

I ain’t mad, but I see y’all