I feel like ever since I made that post about not wanting to argue on Tumblr niggas have been going out of their way to test me.

There’s gonna be some O-Ren Ishii boardroom moments out this bitch.

Anonymous said: I have the Galaxy S4 Active. Is there any keyboard you would recommend downloading? I hate the default.

I use SwiftKey

Anonymous said: you sound stupid as fuck tryna excuse what eminem said as "he was mad at his girlfriend". he could've said anything else about her but he talked about her being black of all things. that's not a case of "someone being mad at their partner", that's racist. you lookin like the black guy holding his phone in that meme right about now

Coming from the person who just called all kind of honky crackers. Lecturing me on acceptable racial language.

Aight Imma let you have it ma’am.

Anonymous said: you know eminem used to make songs dragging black women like no tomorrow right? i don't see how niggas still praise eminem when hes just a cracker honkey who studied the black art of rhyming and got good. he's racist as hell and his songs suck anyway

He made one song talking shit about his ex girlfriend (who was black) before he was famous or even had a record deal.

Show me one nigga that’s never had his feelings hurt by a woman and then talked shit about her.

If him being mad at his ex constitutes “dragging all Black women” then sure

*heaviest of eye rolls*

Anonymous said: u ever fuck wit the beastie boys?

Casually, I wouldn’t call myself a legit fan. I literally *only* fucked with west coast rap until around ‘97.

It wasn’t until well into the 2000’s that I went back to educate myself about old East coast hip hop.

Anonymous said: Do you have any white rappers that are a favorite? Whats your overall opinion on white rappers? I feel like too many of them have the same nasally tone.

Eminem is a white rapper I fuck with. He’s always shown the utmost respect for the culture and the guys who paved the way for him to be where he is.

You should always judge people by how they act when they’re successful and don’t need you, not how they act when they’ve fallen on hard times.

And with that said, Eminem has sold more records than any other rapper in history. He’s won all the awards and got all the accolades that you could get and he still went out of his way to respect the legends and call out their name and offer help to them for free.

So I fuck with Em.

sykovd said: I just downloaded the wallpaper app you recommended and I checked off the NSFW option lol am I gunna randomly get dick pics on my wallpaper? If not I'll just check it off

I have that unchecked. So I’m not sure.

Anonymous said: If you actually got a woman pregnant right now accidentally do you feel like you're in the place in your life where you'd hope she'd keep it?

I would never ask or tell a woman I wanted her to get an abortion. It’s too much to ask another human being to do.

I would take care of it.

But with that said, I’m very careful when it comes to fucking. I haven’t made that mistake yet.

socrates-in-a-prada-tee said: that anon seems to be convinced that every ounce of defensive skill shows up on the stat sheet. aight, so steph curry barely averages more steals. but i bet you won't see him on the opposite end of the court from the dude he's guarding.

I think it was less about curry and more about establishing basketball knowledge dominance over me. Which is not an area I’m particularly eager to engage people with in the first place.

Anonymous said: Steph is on the same level as James Harden defensively my nigga. people just dont hate him like they do Harden , you could easily make a highlight real of his short comings on D. and the steals arguemnt is rubbish , Steph averaged 1.63 steals last season , while harden averaged 1.58. you wouldn't argue the Harden is good on D either. watch more basketball.

That’s an exaggeration, steph is better than James Harden defensively.

I can tell you’re very passionate about the fairly benign statement I made about curry “not being trash”

Did he serve your favorite guard one night?

Damn it’s raining. I can’t even remember the last time I saw rain. Californias drought has been real.

rawbrowndove said: That post about Oprah, oh my God. I really thought you wouldn't pull out just because she's rich. But I'm dyiiiiiing bruh, thank you.

Don’t get me wrong, the fact that she’s a billionaire is most of the reason. But Oprah chonky too.

Anonymous said: Lol I meant to say Steph Curry is a good defensive player.

At the time of that discussion Steph ranked 10th in the league in steals. I wasn’t saying he was elite defensively but I was saying he’s not the defensive scrub that people like to characterize him as.

Anonymous said: Oprah tho ? That's .002 chance she can get preggo worth it ? Lol

Absolutely still worth it. Oprah got cakes and titties too. I bet when she throw that ass she’ll have you leaning back.

Oprah learned how to throw that pussy in the days before AIDS existed. That was next level carefree poon. 2014 women fuck with stress and worry on they minds.

Oprahs ovaries are old and tired but they still work. I’d dig in there and reupholster that pussy like Yeezy.

Anonymous said: Yea king no Offense , your most faulty arguments come in sports. Except in boxing where you seem to be a true expert. Last year you argued Steph curry was a good basketball player lol

Nigga are you crazy?

Steph Curry is a God.