King Jaffe Joffer

Sep 18

Anonymous said: Bruh hope that hairy pus-c thing was only for the sake of an on point joke

Hoping for what? Where I stick my dick and mouth doesn’t affect you in any capacity.

I like the pussy so hairy that there are undocumented tribes living in there.

Anonymous said: My King. I promised I scoured google before asking you. But I was wondering if you could post the gif of Joi from the Movie Friday. She's in the car and she has a "nasty" look on her face. I loved when you used it, but I have not seen it in a while.

I’m mobile, won’t be able to post that for a few hrs.

suckonthedickimashark said: What are your favorite Lil B lyrics in no particular order? One of my favorites are "I'ma go to starbucks in the morning for some coffee. If it ain't no girls there, I won't buy no damn coffee!"

The ‘I hate bullies, stop picking on me you bitch” line will always be near and dear to my heart.

Tumblr doesn’t tell you who submissions are coming from on mobile. But Dat ass in my inbox doe

You are a generous and sexy soul

Anonymous said: Is your hairline in good condition? Or do you need that LeBron Bosley treatment?

My hair line is still in tact. I’m extremely grateful.

I’m mobile and dying of boredom.

Someone fuck with me.

Anonymous said: How Skinny/big/large of a woman would say no to relationship or sexual. I know you enjoy full figured women but can a woman be too thin or large? Just wondering.

If I’m really fucking with her like that it doesn’t matter at all.


myriadsubtletiess replied to your post: This whole danielle watts situation ha…

Do you feel like it detracts in some way for the “real” issues of racism and anti-blackness? Or that it’s been divisive? What about it exactly do you think is the blight?

I was largely exaggerating. 

The entire situation turned out to be a crock of shit and it keeps getting worse so I’m like “go away, already”. 

Absolutely nobody comes out of this situation looking better than how they went in. 

This whole danielle watts situation has been a blight on Black America and I’ll be glad when it goes away. It gets worse every day


The Romper Room gang hittin’ everything movin

Daniele Watts' Boyfriend Throws Her Under The Bus -




Can’t trust em man…

lol wow

I been drankin’